Why is this website called a counterfeit money system?

Also an excerpt from the third part of “Squaring the Money”.

Counterfeit money – An elegant means of robbery

In art, a copy of an original is considered false. For art prints, each copy is numbered and the edition is kept as small as possible. Banknotes are also numbered. However, the circulation is increasing unmanageably. Money is obviously not art. We only call money fake when it is printed without authorization. But printing money doesn’t make money.
From the balance sheets of a central bank it can be seen (as described in the second part of “Squaring the Money” named “History of Money”) that banknotes only become money when they are lent out. Only the notes that come into circulation are money. Before the banknotes are lent out, they are nothing more than artistic prints.

The illegal production of money is undoubtedly criminal, but it is the unauthorized use of money that makes money a means of robbery. This becomes clear when money is stolen. Money acquired illegally in this way makes it possible to appropriate the results of other people’s work without having to provide anything in return. Illegal money making is prohibited because it is the preparation for such a robbery.

But what if completely legal money creators, the commercial banks, create money without those who acquire this money through legal business practices having to provide any real compensation for it? Don’t these banks then produce counterfeit money, namely money that is used to treacherously rob others? Money originally came into being to represent the equivalent value in an act of exchange. Money that has no equivalent value turns a purchase into theft. Today, counterfeit money defined in this way is created less through illegal money printing, but rather on a gigantic scale through legal money creation by commercial banks. This counterfeit money is rarely acquired through theft, but usually through legitimate transactions. It differs from real money not in appearance, but in the fact that it is acquired without any service. The biggest counterfeiting of money was and is always carried out through legal money creation.

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